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Vineyard 36

One of the great things about wine is how it can bring people together and create a context for good times. NHL teams spend a lot of time on the road during the grueling season and it's common for the teams to bond on the road over good wine. The tradition is spread from the veterans to the rookies and continues from city to city. This is how Cam Ward and Tim Gleason were introduced to wine and they wanted to capture this spirit of camaraderie in their wines with Vineyard 36 (a combination of their playing numbers). They partnered with experienced vintner, Jason Earnest, and winemaker David Tate (Barnett Vineyards) to make the types of wines they'd enjoy sharing with friends. 

There are four wines in the lineup. Two red blends, Crosscheck and Unmask, are fun, fruit forward, easy drinking reds at accessible price points. The flagship Vineyard 36 Cabernet Sauvignon is a selection of the top lots from several premium vineyards made in a plush modern style with the Foundation Cabernet offers a value alternative in a lighter style.

Moving forward the wines will be made at the state of the art Vineyard 29 facility in St. Helena by winemaker Keith Emerson. Currently in barrel are reserve Cabernets that will feature some of he top vineyards in Napa that will be available to the mailing list.

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