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Wine Marketing and Mentoring
What we do...


Green Pin Wines, LLC provides marketing services to small family wineries including distribution management, direct-to-consumer consulting, education and hospitality. We work with wineries that are too small to attract the attention of large distributors but who have a loyal following of dedicated fans. We help wineries to establish solid branding and build a customer base while they can focus attention on making the best wines they can. Rather than solely focus on sales we work to develop successful strategies for continued growth in line with the winery's goals.

Who we are...


Green Pin Wines is an agency of seasoned sommeliers with extensive background running top restaurant  programs, managing boutique retail and distribution.  We can connect with wine buyers at every level from professional to consumer. We aren't afraid to think creatively to carry our clients' stories to buyers and consumers.


Green Pin Wines also advises sommeliers studying for various levels of certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers via direct mentoring, our theory quiz databases and hosting tastings in market. We also invite you to watch Somm 2 Somm (available on the site and YouTube) where we interview top sommeliers about running successful wine programs and managing day to day problems that arise in the business of wine. We hope to re-launch this broadcast sometime in 2019.

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